About Us

Ghanaguard was established on June 19,2018 to harness the information  of the state  and the rest of the world to build a viable, united and cohesive nation-state. Ghanagurad role is to therefore deliver only accurate and reliable news to our cherished readers

Our Vision
Ghanaguard strives to be the preferred source of news and information on Ghana, Africa and the World.

Our Main Output
Ghanaguard   gathers news from our various reliable sources, authenticate the accuracy and validity of the news sources and publish in to the general public thus  Ghanaguard is able to promote a viable, united and cohesive nation by highlighting stories that engender development, integration and peace.

 Ghanaguard is a medium for  carrying government messages, policies, plans and programmes to the people, including those in the remotest areas of the country. Ghanaguard operations also give a voice to the vast majority of citizens to highlights the problems, desires, difficulties and aspirations of the public. Thus, matters of great importance including, disasters and incidence of diseases  are promptly brought to the attention of the government for action.


Products and Services

Home news Bulletin: a daily package of news consisting of stories from Head office, regional offices and stringers. This is compiled daily and is available to subscribers via electronic medium

Foreign news Bulletin: a compilation of foreign news that is downloaded from Reuters, Xinhua, Pan African news Agency, DPA BBc, The Guardian

Export news is the news of foreign interest that is generated in Ghana.

Daily Summary is a summary of the major news events of the day, covered by both GNA and foreign news agencies. This is a hard copy production.
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Our main subscribers include major newspapers, radio and television stations, diplomatic missions, corporate, government institutions and social media