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I slept with 26 ladies a day for my powers – 2nd rank occultist reveals

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Former false prophet makes stunning revelation.

29-year-old Evangelist Emmanuel Appiah Dominic who was a false prophet has confessed to how he managed to sleep with 26 girls after been promoted to rank 2 in the occultic world.

Occultism is widely practised in many parts of the world and Ghana is no exception. It hinges on the belief that there are hidden powers that can be tapped to enhance one’s fortunes in a turbulent world.

In point of fact, the practice of occultism is not new in Ghana. It was only the elderly who were involved since there were perceived dangers associated with the practice.

Today the practice of the occult has gained acceptance among the youth.

According to prophet turned evangelist, he was tasked to sleep with 26 women a day to sustain his powers and in his narration as to how he got to sleep with the 26 girls, he stated that he was given a ring which he uses to charm the ladies and lure them into having sex with him.

The aftermath of his actions will result in the victims getting mad, dying in a car accident and living with vaginal infections.

source Ghpage

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